Herpes Pictures

herpes picture herpes picpicture of genital herpes herpes symptom
Below are various photographs of genital herpes, as well as oral herpes sore images.  

These pics of HSV1 and HSV2  are usually of the primary, or first outbreak, and so are more severe than most outbreaks.  After the 1st outbreak, if any further outbreaks occur, they are usually much more moderate.  Up to 90% of primary infections may be asymptomatic.  Outbreaks of both HSV1 and 2 can occur on either the genitals or the face, however roughly 75% of HSV1 occurs in the genital area, while roughly 75% of HSV2 occurs in the facial area.  Either type can spread from the face to the genitals, and rarely also to other parts of the body.

Treatment with Fix-it Oral and Fix-it Topical can provide immediate relief and dramatically speed healing.  Prevention of future outbreaks is also possible.  Outbreaks have been reported to heal in one day, and even aborted entirely using Fix-it Topical.

Images for the diagnosis 'Herpes Simplex Genitalis'

Oral Herpes - Usually HSV1

Herpes Picture

herpes mouth picture

Herpes Picture

8 year old male

Herpes Picture

34 year old female

Genital Herpes of the Penis - Usually HSV2

herpes06-subacute_herpes_simplex_virus_infection.jpg (20749 bytes)

photo of genital herpes

herpes04-typical_herpetic_vesicles.jpg (18456 bytes)

typical herpetic vesicles

Herpes_BIG_7.jpg (7988 bytes)

42 year old male


Herpes_BIG_8.jpg (7114 bytes)

47 year old male


Herpes_BIG_1.jpg (118789 bytes)

38 year old male


herpes07-large_herpetic_vesicle_on_the_glans_penis.jpg (24140 bytes)

genital herpes image

herpes01-recurrent_herpes_simplex_virus_infection_of_the_penile_shaft.jpg (29590 bytes)

recurrent herpes simplex virus infection of the penile shaft

herpes05-Genital_herpes_multiple_superficial_ulcers_on_the_penis_CDC.jpg (20228 bytes)

multiple superficial ulcers on the penis

herpes09-penile_shaft_herpes_lesions_in_various_stages.jpg (25929 bytes)

herpes photo

herpes03-recurrent_herpes_simplex_virus_infection_of_the_penile_shaft.jpg (22257 bytes)

recurrent herpes simplex virus infection of the penile shaft

herpes11_-_multiple_erosions_in_primary_penile_herpes.jpg (22842 bytes)

Herpetic infection


Vaginal Herpes 

herpes15_-_primary_vulval_herpes_simplex_virus_type_1.jpg (31068 bytes)

primary vulval hsv type 1

herpes13_-_primary_herpes_simplex_virus_infection_severe_vulvar_oedema.jpg (26604 bytes)

primary hsv infection severe vulvar oedema

herpes12_-_herpes_simplex_infection_of_the_vulva.jpg (28478 bytes)

herpes simplex infection of the vulva

Herpes_BIG_5.jpg (11062 bytes)

herpes labialis

Herpes_BIG_4.jpg (9192 bytes)

female genital herpes picture

herpes labial

unusually severe labial oedema
herpes16_-_typical_red-edged_yellow-floored_vulval_herpetic_ulceration.jpg (25983 bytes)

herpes picture vaginal

Anal Herpes

herpes20_-_perianal_herpes_simplex_Dr_W.A.Hook_III_Birmingham.jpg (16747 bytes)

perianal herpes simplex

herpes19_-_perianal_herpes_simplex_infection.jpg (31191 bytes)

perianal herpes simplex infection

perianal herpes

Herpes Zoster (HZ - Shingles)

herpes02-electron_microsocopic_picture_of_hsv.jpg (14641 bytes)

electron microscopic picture of hsv

Herpes_BIG_hand.jpg (11034 bytes)

54 year old male

herpes_pic2.jpg (2394 bytes)

24 year old male

herpeszoster2_big.jpg (9916 bytes)

24 year old female


herpeszoster1_big.jpg (4624 bytes)

30 year old female

Clinical manifestations and symptoms

The primary lesion of an HSV infection is a group of multiple clear vesicles on erythematous skin or mucosa. After one to three days vesicles become pustular, and finally erode to become painful shallow erosions with a yellow floor and red edge. In primary genito-anal herpes infection there is also tender inguinal lymphadenopathy and sometimes malaise, myalgia and headache. There can be intense genital pain and dysuria. Crusting and healing occurs after one to three weeks. Recurrences occur in some patients, generally lasting only a few days, with less severe lesions.


Anywhere on the penis, scrotum, vulva, vagina, cervix or perianal area.


Common world-wide in both sexes. Primary infection with HSV type 1 usually occurs on the face in childhood, and confers partial immunity against later genital infection occurring in adolescence and young adulthood. Greater prevalence in lower socio-economic groups, and in people with multiple partners. Lesions on perianal skin or in the anal canal are more common in homosexual men. Genital lesions occur in heterosexual and homosexual people. The main risk factor is unprotected sex with an infected individual. Asymptomatic viral shedding promotes transmission to sex partners. Vaccines are being trialled.


Direct inoculation of the virus through skin and mucous membranes results in local lesions and travel of the virus along the peripheral nerve fibres to the sacral dorsal root sensory ganglion. There the virus resides indefinitely. From time to time, virus particles travel distally to the submucosa and skin, sometimes resulting in new vesicles and erosions. In this way, one or more recurrences may occur. Recurrence rates for genito-anal herpes caused by HSV1 and HSV2 are 60-70% and 25% respectively.